CSJMU Entrance Exam - 2014
Procedure of On-Line Submission for University Entrance Exam-2014 Through Internet Banking of Axis Bank only
  1. Applicants are required to click on the link “Online Submission of University Entrance Examination-2014 Applications through Internet Banking of Axis Bank only” located under the section “SUBMISSION THROUGH INTERNET BANKING OF AXIS BANK ONLY”.
  2. Applicant is required to agree to the Instructions given on page by clicking on “I Agree” check box and proceed further.
  3. On next screen applicant is asked to select the course/subject for which he/she has to fill the form for.
  4. On proceeding further, applicant is required to select the option whether he/she is a student of CSJMU, Kanpur, or not? If applicant is a student of CSJMU, then option comes for selecting the previous academic record for authentication. The applicant is transferred to the form with name already filled.
  5. If applicant is not a student of CSJMU, then he/she is transferred to the form page where he/she can fill the complete form.
  6. When the applicant has filled the form, he/she is required to submit the same.
  7. On submission of the form a page is displayed which shows some of the details that applicant has filled along with a registration number and payment mode. The page also has a button “Pay Now” button.
  8. When the Applicant clicks on “Pay Now” button, the applicant is transferred to the website of Axis Bank where he/she has to enter the Username and Password of his/her Axis Bank Account.
  9. On validation of the username and password, applicant enters into his/her account. The applicant is required to follow the Bank instructions and confirm the payment.
  10. On confirmation, the system comes back to the University website with the message of “Successful Transaction” and link to “Click here to Print Form”. Applicant also gets the transaction ID.
  11. Applicant clicks on the link “Click here to Print Form”. The applicant can print the form and sent it to the University by post.
  12. If the user want’s to reprint the form, Applicant can go the University website and open the same page of “University Entrance Examination 2014” and go to the section “SUBMISSION THROUGH INTERNET BANKING OF AXIS BANK ONLY” and click on the link “Reprint Application Form”.
  13. A page is opened where applicant has to enter the Registration Number and Transaction ID to re-print the form.
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