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1. Unit-III-Plant Tissue Culture (B.Pharm. IV Sem) Download
2. Enzyme Immobilization and Enzyme kinetics (B.Pharm. VIII Sem) Download
3. Unit IV- Introduction to Secondary Metabolites (B.Pharm. IV Sem) Download
4. Unit I - Colloidal Dispersion (B.Pharm. IV Sem) Download
5. Mutation, Isolation of Mutants and Factors Influencing Mutation, Biotechnology (B.Pharm VIII Sem) Download
6. Quality Assurance Unit IV (B.Pharm VI Sem) (Part - I) Download
8. Unit IV - Micromeritics (B.Pharm IV Sem) Download
9. Unit III - BP-606, QC of Container (B.Pharm VI Sem) Download
10. Unit III - BP-606, GLP (B.Pharm VI Sem) Download
11. Unit V - Drug Stability (B.Pharm IV Sem) Download
12. Unit IV - Pharmacognosy in various systems of edicine Download
13. Quality Assurance Unit IV (B.Pharm VI Sem) (Part - II) Download
14. Unit IV - STUDY OF ENZYME (B.Pharm VIII Sem) Download
15. Unit III - ISO International Organization for Standardization (B.Pharm VIII Sem) Download
16. Unit III - GMP & GLP (B.Pharm VIII Sem) Download
18. Unit III - New Drug Approval & Clinical Trials (B.Pharm VIII Sem) Download
19. Question Bank: Unit III (Subject: Pharmaceutical Technology III BPH:805) (B.Pharm VIII Sem) Download
20. E-Notes Deformation of Solids (B.Pharm IV Sem) Download
21. Rheology E-Notes (B.Pharm IV Sem) Download
22. Antiepileptic Drugs (Anticonvulsant Drugs) (B.Pharm IV Sem) Download
23. Sedatives and Hypnotics (B.Pharm IV Sem) Download
24. Psychoactive Drugs (Agent which affecting the mind and behavior) Or Antipsychotic agents Or Transquillisers Or Neuroleptic drugs (Drugs acting on nervous system particularly antipsychotic drugs) (B.Pharm IV Sem) Download
25. General Anesthetics (B.Pharm IV Sem) Download
26. Thiophene (Unit-III and V) (B.Pharm IV Sem) Download
27. Clemmensen Reduction (Unit-III and V) (B.Pharm IV Sem) Download
28. Beckmann's Rearrangement (Unit-III and V) (B.Pharm IV Sem) Download















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